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Newmarket OCJ Update May 19, 2020

19 May 2020 11:50 AM | York Region Law Association (Administrator)

Operations Update

The Newmarket courthouse (and those across the Province) continue to work remotely with no scheduled physical reopening date in site.  Matters continue to be conducted remotely,  including bails, judicial pretrials and now resolutions less than 30 minutes in duration, primarily by participants calling in at scheduled times by telephone.

There are ongoing discussions with all stakeholders with respect to expanding operations but at this time entirely on a remote basis.  And currently there are no trial dates are being set for any matters.  Consideration is being given on potentially conducting aspects of trials remotely, but there is no concrete plan as yet.   More is anticipated shortly.

Crown Assignments Week of May 19, 2020

Below is the list of daily crown attorney courtroom assignments and contact information.   Please be advised that the duty crown will address both domestic and non domestic matters

Tuesday May 19

202P - Thompson Thompson.Hamilton@ontario.ca

200 Court (judge) – Jeff Jeffrey.Costain1@ontario.ca

201 Court (judge) – Tony Tony.VandenEnde@ontario.ca

103 Bails - Greg Greg.J.Elder@ontario.ca

104 Bails – Kevin Kevin.Stewart@ontario.ca

Bail Vettors – Leeanne   LeeAnne.McCallum@ontario.ca

Elissa  Elissa.Kulpers@ontario.ca

Remote Duty Crown – Lesley Lesley.Pasquino@ontario.ca

Wednesday May 20

202P - Brad Bradley.Juriansz@ontario.ca

200 Court (judge) – Neil Anil.Singh2@ontario.ca

201 Court (judge) – Jacob Jacob.Wilson@ontario.ca

103 Bails - Tony Tony.VandenEnde@ontario.ca

104 Bails – Ivana Ivana.Denisov@ontario.ca

Bail Vettors - Leeanne LeeAnne.McCallum@ontario.ca

 Elissa  Elissa.Kulpers@ontario.ca

Remote Duty Crown – Amy Amy.Barkin@ontario.ca

Thursday May 21

202P - Tony  Tony.VandenEnde@ontario.ca

200 Court (judge) – Rob DC Robert.DeChellis@ontario.ca

201 Court (judge) – Michael Demczur Michael.Demczur@ontario.ca

103 Bails – Erin  Erin.Rizok2@ontario.ca

104 Bails –Michael Ventola Michael.Ventola@ontario.ca

Bail Vettors – Leeanne  LeeAnne.McCallum@ontario.ca

 Sham Shambavi.Kumaresan@ontario.ca

Remote Duty Crown – Lesley Lesley.Pasquino@ontario.ca

Friday May 22

202P - Tony Tony.VandenEnde@ontario.ca

200 Court (judge) – Vanessa VANESSA.SZIRMAK@ontario.ca

201 Court (judge) – Melissa Melissa.Henry@ontario.ca

103 Bails - Philip Philip.Hsiung@ontario.ca

104 Bails – Martin Martin.Dionne@ontario.ca

Bail Vettors –  Sham Shambavi.Kumaresan@ontario.ca

 Elissa Elissa.Kulpers@ontario.ca

Remote Duty Crown – Amy Amy.Barkin@ontario.ca

Courtroom Call In Info

Here is the Courtroom Call In Information 416-

Tel. 212-8012  866-633-0848

100 Intake/Other matters  #4942812

103 Bail #4674204

104 Bail #6532049  

200 Remand/Plea #5467574  

201 Remand/Plea #9851321   


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