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Update from the Criminal Lawyers Association

25 Mar 2020 10:20 AM | York Region Law Association (Administrator)

From the Criminal Lawyers Association:

Here is my update from today's conference call.

As the remote appearance court process is operating, challenges are arising.  Audio problems, attempting to follow schedules of appearances, limitations of resources at Central East Correctional Facility and timely incorporating the presence of requisite participants present challenges.  Regular adjustments and changes are occurring in an effort to address the issues and make the process more efficient and functional. 

Private counsel can arrange to participate and appear remotely in any hearings and to notify and schedule in custody guilty plea matters by emailing the OCJ trial coordinator office at the following email address:


All.communication by counsel is to go through this email address.  If counsel wish to schedule a remote guilty plea they are advised to notify the court via this email address 24 hours prior to the plea so that arrangements can be made with all, including with Central East Corrections. 

Currently there will be no daily traversals between courtrooms as there are too many moving parts and resources are significantly limited.  Traversal for example,  in the case of a time served guilty plea, are to be done by remand to following day. Again, notifications to the above email address is required.

There is desire to implement a fully remote court process and to reduce staff from the courthouse to the greatest extent possible.  This is a Province wide effort and is being refined and adjusted constantly. 

Sincerely, Norman Panzica York Director, Criminal Lawyers Association

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