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New Acquisitions

New Acquisitions for 2018

  • Canadian Family Law, 7th ed.
  • A Practitioner`s Guide to Commercial Arbitration
  • Mental Disorder and the Law 2nd ed.
  • Mareva and Anton Piller Preservation Orders in Canada: a practical guide
  • Child Support Guidelines in Canada, 2017
  • Surveillance and Social Media in Insurance Law
  • Rural and Recreational Properties: unique considerations…
  • Practical Guide to Tax Considerations in Succession Planning
  • Tackling Injunctions
  • Assessment of Accounts: understanding the process…
  • Conducting an Effective Examination for Discovery
  • 8th Annual Bread and Butter Issues in Family Law
  • Preventing, Correcting and Navigating Errors in Estates and Trusts…
  • Employment Law Fundamentals
  • Motor Vehicle Tort Litigation in Ontario: Critical Updates
  • In the Courtroom: Evidence Refresher for Litigators
  • Your First Application Before the Human Rights Tribunal
  • Wills and Estate Planning: a primer
  • Keeping up Appearances: parties, interveners and experts…
  • Charity and Not-for-Profit Law: a point of interesting areas of…
  • Youth Records: What you Need to Know About Access Restrictions…
  • "Ask the Expert" Critical Updates on ONIP, Citizenship Act…
  • Strategies for More Effective and Efficient Ligitation: how to improve…
  • The Ultimate Cure for Motion Sickness
  • The Pitfalls of Family Law and How to Avoid Them
  • Tips, Tricks and  Trends: the practical reality of litigating in the New World
  • Closing Documents: Tips and Traps
  • Death and Aging: key strategies and updates for planning…
  • Your First Civil Trial
  • Financial Abuse of the Older Client: practical legal strategies…
  • Accident Benefits Update
  • Buying and Selling a Business: a comprehensive guide
  • Adjudicative Tribunal Practice Primer
  • Pleading Your Case Successfully
  • Estate Litigation: a primer
  • Dealing with Real Property in Trusts and Estate Contexts
  • Advanced Issues in Child Protection Law
  • 25th Annual Immigration Law Summit (Day One & Two)
  • 2018 Annotated Ontario Children`s Law Reform Act
  • Provincial Offences for Paralegals, 2nd ed.
  • Bennett on Bankruptcy 20th ed. 2018
  • Conduct of a Lien Action 2018
  • The Law of Search & Seizure in Canada, 10th ed.
  • Criminal Procedure in Canada 2nd ed.
  • Powers of Attorney and Capacity:  Practice & Procedure
  • Victim Law: the law of victims of crime in Canada
  • Repair and Storage Liens Act: a practical guide
  • The Commercial Lease: a practical guide 5th ed.
  • Property Rights and Obligations Under Ontario Family Law
  • Family law arbitration in Canada 3rd ed.
  • Handling Provincial Offence Cases in Ontario 2017
  • Sports and Recreation Liability Law in Canada
  • The Annotated Will 2018
  • Estate Accounting 2018
  • Annual Review of Insolvency Law 2017
  • Prosecuting and Defending Fraud Cases
  • Ontario Personal Injury Desk Reference
  • Accident Benefits: a practical desk reference
  • Practice Gems: Title and Off-Title Searching 2018
  • 22nd Annual Intellectual Property Law: the year in review
  • The Six-Minute Criminal Court Judge 2018
  • Impaired Driving in Canada 5th ed.
  • Law of Libel in Canada 4th ed.
  • Law of Evidence in Canada 5th ed.
  • Cross-Examination: science and techniques 3rd ed.
  • Six-minute Commercial Leasing Lawyer 2018
  • Family Law Refresher 2018
  • Six-Minute Administrative Lawyer 2018
  • Anntd Ontario PPSA
  • Supreme Court of Canada Practice 2018
  • 12th Annual Family Law Summit
  • Six-Minute Criminal Lawyer 2018
  • Motor Vehicle Litigation Summit 2018
  • Wills and Estates Refresher 2018
  • Management of Nonprofit and Charitable Organizations in Canada 4th ed.
  • Guide to Practice and Procedure in the Ontario Small Claims Court
  • The Canadian Law of Obligations
  • The Law of ADR in Canada 2nd ed.
  • Mistake in Contracting
  • Social Media and Internet Law
  • How Expert is your Expert? The Use of Scientific Evidence in Child and Youth Law
  • Decisional Capacity: a cross-disciplinary examination
  • Overturning Fraudulent Preferences and Transfers
  • Critical Issues at the Intersection of Family Law, and Trust and Estate Law
  • Dealing with Online Defamation
  • How to Thrive as a Young Lawyer in Today`s Market
  • Essential Evidence Series for Estate Litigators - Part 1
  • "Your Witness…" The Ultimate Guide to Witnesses in Criminal Proceedings
  • Critical Developments in Charity and Not-For-Profit Law
  • Accident Benefits Update
  • Emerging Issues in Estates, Trusts and Incapacity Law
  • When Family Law Collides: Essential Interdisciplinary Issues
  • Navigating the Changing World of Real Estate Law
  • Putting the New Child, Youth and Family Services Act into Practice
  • Making a Deal: the art of negotiation
  • Defending Drinking and Driving Cases 2018
  • Conduct of an Appeal, 4th ed.
  • Wigmore on Cannabis
  • Six-Minute Labour Lawyer 2018
  • Solo & Small Firm Conference 2018
  • Victim Law
  • Canadian Contract Law, 4th ed.
  • Gale on Easements, 20th ed.
  • The Law of Domestic Conflict in Canada
  • Canadian Citizenship & Immigration Inadmissibility Law, 2nd ed.
  • Mental Disorder in Canadian Criminal Law
  • Evidence in Family Law
  • Frauds on Creditors
  • Issues in Criminal Trials and Summary Appeal Law
  • The Law of Traffic Offences, 4th ed.
  • Regulatory Offences in Canada: Liability and Defences, 2nd ed.
  • The Trial of Sexual Offence Cases, 2nd ed.
  • Principles of Property Law 7th ed.
  • Support Rights and Obligations Under Ontario Family Law
  • 2019 Martin`s Ontario Criminal Practice
  • Annual Review of Criminal Law 2017
  • Proof: Canadian Rules of Evidence, 4th ed.
  • The 2018 Annotated Ontario Provincial Offences Act
  • The 2018 Annotated Ontario Highway Traffic Act
  • Canadian Legislation on Intellectual Property 2019
  • Martin`s Annual Criminal Code 2019
  • Ontario Small Claims Court Practice 2019
  • Annotated Ontario Personal Property Security Act 2018-19
  • Watson & McGowan`s Ontario Civil Practice 2019
  • Annual Review of Family Law 2017-2018
  • The Practitioner`s Criminal Code 2019
  • A Guide to the Youth Criminal Justice Act 2019
  • Social Media and Privacy Law for Employers
  • Family Dispute Resolution Handbook 6th ed.
  • Guide to Canadian Money Laundering Legislation
  • The Canadian Law of Mortgages 3rd ed.
  • Bennett on Bankruptcy Precedents 3rd ed.
  • Practice Gems: Administration of Estates 2018
  • Practice Gems: Mortgage Enforcement Essentials 2018
  • Commercial Real Estate Transactions 2018
  • Drug-Impaired Driving in Canada
  • The Law of Partnerships & Corporations 4th ed.
  • Criminal Law 7th ed.
  • Ontario Landlord & Tenant Law Practice 2019
  • Liquor Laws of Canada
  • Charter Remedies in Criminal Cases
  • Indigenous People and the Criminal Justice System
  • The Fundamentals of Statutory Interpretation
  • Inadmissible to Canada 2nd ed.
  • Digital Privacy: criminal, civil and regulatory litigation
  • Impaired Driving and other Criminal Code Driving Offences: a practitioner`s handbook
  • The 2019 Annotated Immigration and Refugee Protection Act of Canada
  • Cannabis in the Workplace
  • The Condominium Act: a user`s manual 5th ed.
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