York Region Law Association
Newsletter March 2018

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President's Message 

By Corinne Rivers

Spring is finally here so we can all add yard work to our already busy schedules. Persian New Year celebrates Spring in manner that probably reflects the way we all feel about its’ arrival.

Spring also brings the Association’s Annual General Meeting, scheduled this year to take place on  May 3. Please reserve the date. Spring is a time for renewal and so too, the Association Board renews itself eachyear. Please let Wayne Kitchen know if you are interested in helping to manage the affairs of the Association.

As always the Association is busy with CPD and other activities for your edification and benefit. I also encourage you to visit The FOLA website to see how your Association advocates in your interests with the Law Society and both Federal and Provincial governments. Don’t forget the Provincial election coming up, and let prospective MPPs know about the issues in the court house and the administration of justice. If they better understand what is happening on the ground they will better serve us all in government. In the mean time enjoy the new warmth promised by April’s arrival.

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Family Law Update

George van Hoogenhuize, Chair

April 9 & 10  12th Annual Family Law Summit  Watch the 2-day Summit webcast live from the comfort of your home or office, or view the archived version at a later date, AND earn all of your CPD hours for the year. For the YRLA's group rate register by April 2, 2018 here (not through the Law Society of Ontario).

April 30  Family Law Lunch at Cardinal North Hall. Details to follow.

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Library Report 
By: Betty Dykstra

It has been a busy start to the year and I have to confess, that my report is outstanding.   I just returned from lovely vacation (London and Iceland) and leave you with this.

New Books 
  • Powers of Attorney and Capacity:  Practice & Procedure
  • Victim Law: the law of victims of crime in Canada
  • Repair and Storage Liens Act: a practical guide
  • The Commercial Lease: a practical guide 5th ed.
  • Property Rights and Obligations Under Ontario Family Law
  • Family law arbitration in Canada 3rd ed.
  • Handling Provincial Offence Cases in Ontario 2017
  • Sports and Recreation Liability Law in Canada
  • The Annotated Will 2018
  • Estate Accounting 2018
  • Annual Review of Insolvency Law 2017
  • Prosecuting and Defending Fraud Cases
  • Ontario Personal Injury Desk Reference
  • Accident Benefits: a practical desk reference
  • The Six-Minute Criminal Court Judge 2018
  • Practice Gems: Title and Off-Title Searching 2018
  • 22nd Annual Intellectual Property Law: the year in review
  • Six-Minute Criminal Court Judge 2018
  • Cross-Examination: science and techniques 3rd ed.
  • Ontario Annual Practice 2nd supplement
  • Watson & McGowan's Ontario Civil Practice 2018 Supp 1 - 3 copies
  • Six-minute Commercial Leasing Lawyer 2018
  • Family Law Refresher 2018
  • The Six-Minute Administrative Lawyer 2018


April 9 & 10  12th Annual Family Law Summit  Register with the YRLA the webcast at a savings of $200 off the regular price. Earn ALL of your CPD hours for the year by watching the live webcast or viewing it later at your convenience. Due to the length of the Summit, we will not be hosting the event in the Lawyers Lounge. For the webcast group rate register through the YRLA here (not through the Law Society of Ontario).

April 30  Family Law Lunch at Cardinal Clubhouse - North Hall. Details to follow.


May 3  Annual General Meeting at RedCrest Clubhouse. Details to follow.

Judicial Appointment

Government of Canada announces allocation of a new judicial complement position in Ontario.

Please find included a link to the News Release from the Department of Justice announcing the following new judicial complement position in Ontario:

  • The Honourable Karen Leef is appointed a judge of the Family Court branch, Superior Court of Justice, in Durham (Central East Region).


 Judicial Vacancies

London - Closing Date: April 3, 2018
Sarnia - Closing Date: April 3, 2018
Barrie - Closing Date: April 13, 2018
Oshawa - Closing Date: April 13, 2018

Office Space Available

Prestige Legal Offices Available at 400 Applewood Crescent in Vaughan. Contact: 416-500-6727. Click here for more details and photo.


On the move...

York Law Chambers is pleased to announce, after 13 years with Wrock & Associates, Ms. M. Danielle Cunningham will be moving her practice to our offices. She can be reached at:
672 The Queensway South
Keswick ON L4P 2G7
Tel: 1-855-476-9675
Fax: 1-855-476-9676
Email: dcunningham@yorklawchambers.com

Rebecca Huang has moved to:
311-330 Bay Street
Toronto ON M5H 2S8
Fax: 416-306-8451
Cell: 416-816-6456

Svetlana Cocieru has moved to:
Amici Law
200-8108 Yonge St.
Thornhill ON  L4J 1W4
Tel: 1-289-597-6560
Fax: 1-289-597-6561
Email: lana@amicilaw.ca

Ruchira Kulkarni has moved to:
Rolfe Criminal Defence
810 Queen St. E
Toronto ON M4M 1H7
Tel: 647-350-1442
Fax: 647-499-6570
Cell: 416-731-1940
Toll free: 1-844-990-3732
Email: kulkarni@rolfedefence.com

Jonathan Friedman has moved to:
Heft Law PC
Barristers & Solicitors
11-35 West Pearce St.
Richmond Hill ON  L4B 1E3
Tel: 905-237-0077
Fax: 905-597-0419
Email: jfriedman@heftlaw.ca

As of March 29, Carla Adams of Adams Law Office and Christopher Murphy of Murphy Law Chambers will be moving to:
202-665 Davis Drive
Newmarket ON  L3Y 2R2
Contact information remains the same.

As of March 29, Jeffrey Goldglass and Jessica Sickinger will be moving to:
Goldglass & Sickinger
Barristers Practicing in Association
202-665 Davis Drive
Newmarket ON  L3Y 2R2

Newsletter Deadline

The YRLA Newsletter welcomes your comments, news and articles. 

The submission for the next YRLA newsletter is April 20, 2018.

Please direct all replies to Betty Dykstra  bdykstra@yorklaw.ca

Office: 905-895-2018, Fax: 905-853-7678, Address: 50 Eagle St W. 3rd FLR. Newmarket, ON L3Y 6B1


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