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2022 Acquisitions

Law Society of Ontario CPD Publications

25th Estates & Trusts Summit Day 1 & 2

Six-Minute Debtor-Creditor & Insolvency Lawyer 2022

23rd Employment Law Summit

Practice Gems : Administration of Estates 2022
Practice Gems : Probate Essentials 2022

Six-Minute Estates Lawyer 2022

Six-Minute Municipal Lawyer 2022

Eight-Minute Labour Lawyer 2022

Eight-Minute Employment Lawyer 2022

Wills and Estates Refresher 2022
Six-Minute Criminal Law Lawyer 2022

19th Real Estate Law Summit Day 1 & Day 2

Family Law Refresher 2022
Six-Minute Administrative Law and Practice 2022
Six-Minute Commercial Leasing Lawyer 2022
16th Family Law Summit Day 1 & 2

Annotated Alter Ego Trust 2022

Annotated Will 2022

26th Intellectual Property Law

Six-Minute Criminal Court Judge 2022

10th Human Rights Summit

Impaired and "over 80" 2021

Six-Minute Family Law Lawyer 2021

Safeguarding Real Estate Transactions 2021

29th Immigration Law Summit

Six-Minute Real Estate Lawyer 2021

Civil Appeals : the year in review 2021

Ontario Bar Association Publications

Advanced Issues in Child Protection Law
Anatomy of a Trial: Successful Trial Strategy
Criminal Law Primer
Divine Discoveries: Building a Great Case
Employment Law Fundamentals
Estate Litigation: A Primer
Family Law Basics: Practice & Procedure
Mastering Marriage Contracts and Cohabitation Agreements: Practical Insights and Creative Drafting Solutions
Moving Forward: Practical Strategies for Efficiently Getting to Resolution
Real Estate Spring Mix – 2022
Serving The Family: Unpacking the Intersecting Issues in Family, Estates and Real Estate Law
Your First Civil Trial

Annual Publications

Ontario Landlord & Tenant Law Practce 2023

Martin's Ontario Criminal Practice 2023

Annual Review of Family Law 2021-22

Martin's Annual Criminal Code 2023

Small Claims Court Practice 2023

Ontario Criminal Practice 2023

Annual Review of Criminal Law 2021

Annotated Ontario Provincial Offences Act 2022

Canadian Legislation on Intellectual Property 2023

Ontario Annual Practice 2022-23

Supreme Court Practice 2022

Defending Drinking, Drugs & Driving Cases 202

Bennett on Bankruptcy 24th ed 2022
Conduct of Lien, Trust and Adjudication Proceedings 2022

Guide to the Youth Criminal Justice Act 2022/2023

Annual Review of Insolvency Law 2021

Annotated Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act 2022

CRIMJI 2021 Update


Aboriginal Law Handbook 5th ed
Law of Contracts 8th ed.
Preparation of Wills and Powers of Attorney 5th ed.
McMillan's Consumer Protection Act (Ontario) 2022
Practical Guide to Ontario Estate Administration 6th ed.
Law of Independent Legal Advice 3rd ed.
Mack's Criminal Law Trial Book 2022 Edition

Residential Tenancies in Ontario 4th ed.

E-Discovery and Information Governance in Canada 4th ed.
Law of Libel in Canada 5th ed.

Digital Evidence, 2nd ed.
Indigenous People and the Criminal Justice System: A Practitioner's Handbook
Qualifying and Challenging Expert Evidence
The Practical Guide to Evidence and Proof in Criminal Cases, 9th ed
Family Class Sponsorship in Canadian Immigration Law
Inadmissibility and Remedies
Civil Litigation, Revised 4th ed.
Legal Aspects of Sport and Recreation

Justice Delayed: practitioner's guide to 11(B)

Criminal Procedure in Canada 3rd ed.

Law of Evidence in Canada 6th ed.

Power of Attorney Litigation 2nd ed.

Unpacking Family Law for Practitioners

Introduction to Contracts 5th ed
Digital Asset Entanglement 

Legal Responsibility of Health Care Facilities
Canadian Law of Architecture and Engineering, 3rd Edition
Corporate Crime, Accountability and Social Responsibility in Canada, 3rd Edition
Construction of Statutes 7th ed.

Employment Law during a Pandemic

Administrative Law in Canada 7th ed.

Legal Opinions in Commercial Transactions

Canadian Tort Law 12th ed.

Practical Guide to the Charter: Section 10(b)

Impaired Driving in Canada 6th ed.

Encyclopedic Dictionary of Canadian Law 3 Volumes

Drafting Wills in Canada 3rd ed.

Law of Search & Seizure in Canada 12th ed.

Dangerous Offender Law

Posner & Dodds Masters of Cross-Examination (video)

Trusts & Trust-Like Devices

Lawyers' Ethics & Professional Regulation 4th ed.

Law of Privacy 3rd ed.

Drinking, Drugs & Driving Law (monthly)

Dec 2022 cases featured:

R v Blomberg - Modes of proof of alcohol standard I

R v MacDonald - Modes of proof of alcohol standard II

R v Simpson - Improper cell toilet video recording & better booking recording

R v Vine - Handcuffing during ASD

Loose-leaf Publications (recently updated large binders)

Art & Science of Advocacy

Butterworths Worker's Compensation in Ontario

Canada Business Corporation Manual

Canadian Citizenship & Immigration

Canadian Legal Practice

Commercial Arbitration in Canada

Criminal Lawyers' Trial Book
Employment in Ontario, 2nd ed.
Environmental Regulation in Canada

Evidence in Family Law

Falconbridge on Mortgages

Family Law in Ontario

Financial and Estate Planning for the Mature Client in Ontario

Financial Principles of Family Law

Immigration Law and Practice 2nd ed.
Income Tax & Family Law Handbook
Judicial Interim Release: Bail Manual 4th ed.
Jury:  A Handbook of Law & Procedure

Law of Domestic Conflict

Law of Municipal Liability in Canada

Mental Disorder in Canada

O'Brien's Div I, II, IV-VI, III

Ontario Corporate Law & Practice

Ontario Planning Law & Practice
Ontario Residential Real Estate
Personal Injury Practice Manual

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