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2021 Acquisitions

Law Society of Ontario CPD Publications

Six-Minute Administrative Law and Practice 2021
15th Family Law Summit - Day One and Day Two
Annotated Guardianship Application 2021
18th Real Estate Law Summit
Commercial Priorities for Real Estate and Business Lawyers 2021
Ethical Issues in Immigration and Refugee Law 2021
Annotated Powers of Attorney for Property and for Personal Care 2021

9th human rights summit Impaired and "over 80" 2020

28th immigration law summit v.1
28th immigration law summit v.2
Practice gems. Probate essentials 2020
Practice gems. Administration of estates 2020
23rd estates and trusts summit v.1
23rd estates and trusts summit v.2
14th family law summit
The six-minute employment lawyer 2020
The six-minute labour lawyer 2020
The six-minute estates lawyer 2020
3rd motor vehicle litigation summit
The six-minute municipal lawyer 2020
The six-minute criminal lawyer 2020
Ethical issues in immigration and refugee law 2020
The six-minute administrative law and practice 2020
Buying or selling a business 2020
21st Employment Law Summit
17th Real Estate Law Summit
Six-Minute Real Estate Lawyer 2020
Civil appeals : the year in review
Six-minute family law lawyer 2020

Loose-leaf Publications (recently updated large binders)


Annual Review of Family Law 2019-2020

2020-2021 Annotated Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act

2020 Consolidated Ontario Insurance Statutes & Regulations

Ontario Landlord & Tenant Law Practice 2021


Expropriation Law in Ontario

Sentencing, 10th ed.

Drafting Wills & Trusts in Canada, 5th ed.

Canadian Contractual Interpretation Law 4th ed

Duties and Liabilities of Ontario Real Estate Professionals

Bennett on Bankruptcy 2021

Auto Insurance Coverage Law in Ontario 2nd ed.

Yes we have Emond's Award-Winning Criminal Law Series:

Sentencing: principles and practice

Impaired Driving and Other Criminal Code Driving Offences

Prosecuting and Defending Fraud Cases

Charter Remedies in Criminal Cases

Prosecuting and Defending Offences Against Children

Prosecuting and Defending Drug Cases

Prosecuting and Defending Extradition Cases

Digital Evidence

Criminal Appeals

Indigenous People and the Criminal Justice System

Prosecuting and Defending Youth Criminal Justice Cases

Prosecuting and Defending Sexual Offence Cases 1st & 2nd ed.

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